Introducing Miele’s Highly Anticipated W1 and T1 Laundry Appliances

The Miele W1/T1 laundry appliances have the necessary innovation and versatility to clean any type of garment and be installed anywhere in the house - hence the Everything Washer and the Anywhere Dryer.

The Everything Washer Meets the Anywhere Dryer

Making their first public appearance at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, the new and highly anticipated Miele W1/T1 washing machines and dryers are poised to revolutionize how the USA does laundry. Debuting three new washing machines and two new tumble dryers, these new Miele laundry appliances are scheduled to launch in Spring 2018.

The W1/T1 appliances are designed for the ultimate convenience when it comes to installation options thanks to their 24-inch compact design; but it’s not just the size that sets these machines apart from the rest. As Miele’s pledge IMMER BESSER (forever better) suggests, the technology and features developed for this new line of laundry appliances exhibit a new display of quality and innovation, the likes of which have never been seen.


The Benefits of Built-In Coffee Systems

The Miele built-in plumbed coffee system can produce beautiful coffee creations at the touch of a button.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Making the switch to an automated built-in coffee system can be daunting for coffee-lovers who’ve only ever used a drip coffee maker. However, if you find yourself always running late because you were trying to get your daily caffeine fix from the local shop or your countertop machine, then the benefits of a fully automated coffee maker are indisputable.

Convenience is the number one advantage to installing a built-in coffee system in your home, as many proud built-in coffee machine owners can testify to, but the benefits don’t just stop there.


Tecnogas Superiore RN361GPSS Review: 36" All-Gas Next Series Range

Tecnogas Superiore NEXT Series Analog Style Controls

Contemporary Style with Iconic Design

Tecnogas Superiore celebrates its Italian heritage by paying tribute to Motor Valley, the home of legendary engineering feats such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, with their line of contemporary NEXT series ranges. Featuring iconic design elements reminiscent of automotive design and powerful performance as substantial as the previously mentioned supercars, the Tecnogas Superiore NEXT ranges are quickly emerging as the choice appliance for high-end kitchens everywhere.

The RN361GPSS, a 36-inch all-gas range, is the perfect example of everything the NEXT series ranges offer. The sleek exterior design complements kitchens of many styles and each small detail strongly contributes to the overall design. Analog-style controls and temperature gauge match well with the Panorama oven door, which spans almost the entire area of the door for a high-tech industrial look.


Introducing Bertazzoni’s Newest Built-In and Freestanding Bottom Mount Refrigerators

New Refrigeration from Bertazzoni

A Bertazzoni kitchen suite is more than just stylish and sumptuous, it’s also functional and accessible. That is why Bertazzoni, known for their authentic Italian style and cutting-edge engineering, is now offering a new line of refrigeration appliances to better complement your individual needs and style. With a wide variety of configurations and options, these new Bertazzoni refrigerators offer a guaranteed fit for everyone.


Liebherr UPR503 Review: 24” Integrated Undercounter Pull-Out Refrigerator


Elegant Form Meets Superior Function

Although full-size refrigerators are evolving to include greater storage capacities and versatile compartments for different food-types, there remains a need for a convenient easily-accessible storage area for items such as frequently used ingredients, children’s snacks, and popular beverages. Freestanding and built-in undercounter refrigerators have become increasingly popular because of this, but for customers looking for a unique cutting-edge design that stands out but virtually disappears once not in use, then Liebherr’s integrated undercounter pull-out refrigerator is the way to go.


Introducing Verona’s Newest True White 36” Electric Range

Verona's new VEFSEE365W

Already dominating the market as one of the only appliance brands to offer a line of 36” all-electric ranges, Verona continues to cater to consumer’s desires by introducing a new True White finish to its product line.

“White appliances have dominated the kitchen design scene this year, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down,” states Melissa Haber, Vice President for EuroChef USA.

The Verona VEFSEE365W is now the fourth finish option of the model which also comes available in Black, Burgundy, and Stainless Steel. Stunning accents such as chrome knobs and handles, stainless steel bezels, and tubular legs contribute to an elegant design suitable for luxe kitchens everywhere.


A Brief Look at Viking's Virtuoso 6 Series Induction Cooktops

Viking's Virtuoso Cooktop

Although the professional style range may be Viking’s most popular kitchen appliance, Viking’s dynamic line of induction cooktops are not to be overlooked. Now, with the latest introduction of Viking’s Virtuoso series came the debut of a new generation of induction cooktops so efficient and refined that you won’t even consider a traditional range once you’ve experienced its superior performance.

The Viking Virtuoso 6 series induction cooktops are available in 30 and 36 inch sizes, and are equipped with MagneQuick Induction Elements which convert electricity into a magnetic field that transforms pots and pans into the heat source. Boasted as the most energy efficient form of surface cooking, these induction elements heat extremely quickly, respond instantly to temperature adjustments, and eliminate heat transfer loss.


Create a Cohesive Kitchen with Fully Integrated Appliances


Shop Fully Integrated Appliances at Elite Appliance

The kitchen is prone to regular chaos; cabinets rifled through, dishes and personal belongings strewn across the table, ingredients and prep utensils scattered on the countertops. A little disorder is to be expected however, unnecessary clutter, especially in our homes, has a way of making us feel stressed and bleary in our daily lives.

Rejuvenate yourself and your kitchen by designing a cohesive space with fully integrated appliances. Unlike built-in or overlay models which are only designed to match the surrounding cabinetry and can still be clearly identified due to exposed gaps and venting, fully integrated appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers remove these elements and seamlessly blend in for a sleek and simple look. The flush and camouflaged installation promotes a minimalist and modern appearance that encourages the flow of the kitchen, instead of disrupting it, which make it a perfect design solution for compact spaces or open-concept kitchens.


Miele KM6370 Review: 36" Induction Cooktop with PowerFlex


Miele KM6370 Review

For the skilled home chef who needs a cooktop as ambitious and resourceful as themselves, Miele has them covered. Miele’s line of induction cooktops take the already innovative cooking technology to a new level by utilizing powerful heating functions, considerate safety features, and convenient time-savers. One such fine example of Miele’s induction cooktops is the KM6370 – a 36” attractive black ceramic glass cooktop with five induction cooking zones.


Add a Splash of Color to Your Kitchen with Bertazzoni Ranges


While all-white kitchen cabinetry and stainless steel appliances continue to prevail as leading design choices throughout the years, choosing to incorporate show-stopping colors into the kitchen is a design choice that many home chefs shy away from. It’s hard to break away from the tried and true, but there is no denying the absolute stunning aesthetic that colored ranges bring to a kitchen.

Bertazzoni offers a multitude of vibrant colored ranges, of which the colors evoke the same amount of passion and artistry as the authentic Italian engineering. If you’re looking to create a spirited and unique kitchen with colored Bertazzoni ranges, find inspiration in some of our favorite colored Bertazzoni range kitchen designs below!