Smeg ST8646XU Review: 24” Pre-Finished Dishwasher


With over 60 years of experience, Smeg knows exactly how to produce sophisticated and stylish appliances that integrate seamlessly in contemporary and classic designs alike. The Smeg ST8646XU dishwasher is one such example of Smeg’s brilliant engineering. Equipped with exclusive Smeg dishwashing technology, an ultra-quiet performance, and an attractive pre-finished panel, this Smeg dishwasher raises the standards for high-end dishwashers everywhere.



Technology with Style

ST8646XUThe ST8646XU is a built-in 24” model, pre-finished with fingerprint proof stainless steel, features a hidden stainless electronic control panel, self-balancing door, and adorned with a sleek professional handle. While it’s sleek lustrous exterior is enough to draw your eye, Smeg’s mission is to meld “technology with style,” and this model is no exception.

On top of its 13-place setting capacity, stainless steel tub, and enameled steel baskets, the ST8646XU is also outfitted with tri-level adjustable upper basket, 2 cutlery baskets, and foldable racks and spike rails that will give you maximum flexibility for loading the largest of stock pots and the most delicate of stemware.

Customize each wash cycle to fit the intensity of your dish load with nine wash cycles (Crystal, Daily Half Load, Normal, Extreme Wash, Rapid 27 Min., Eco Quick, Normal Quick, Strong and Fast, and Rinse), as well as five drying temperatures. Achieve even higher standards of cleanliness with a final 10-minute sanitation rinse at 158° Fahrenheit.

Smeg-Website-Dishwasher-Review-Video-LinkAnother benefit of the ST8646XU that comes standard in all Smeg dishwashers is the Delay Timer. Fix the dishwasher cycle to fit into your schedule by delaying start up to 9 hours, meaning you can run it while at work or even while sleeping since the 46 dBA rating ensures a hushed operation.

Lastly, ensure that every crevice of your dishwashing load is being reached with Smeg’s exclusive Orbital Wash System. Using two spinning water jet arms moving in an orbit-like pattern, the water gets evenly distributed throughout the entire tub without wasting water.

With this advanced process, only 3.54 gallons of water are used on a normal cycle, and 1.72 on a short cycle. All Smeg dishwashers also utilize a complete water Leak Protection System that uses a small fitted device on the water intake hose which monitors water levels in your dishwasher and automatically shuts off the water supply if leaks in the hose are detected.

Stylish, sleek, and smart, the ST8646XU is also ENERGY STAR rated, making this Smeg dishwasher one of the highest quality dishwashers in its class.



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