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Overview of Verona

Looking for the perfect mix of old-world design and modern technology while cooking your masterpiece creations? Look no further than Verona appliances, whose philosophy revolves around engineering unique cooking appliances with all the advantages modern technology has to offer while maintaining the tradition and authenticity of Italian design. Introduced in 1958, Verona appliances has since developed into a benchmark for flexibility, power, and luxurious quality.

Among Verona’s index of pro-style cooking appliances are multi-style ranges, premium built-in ovens, and high-performance cooktops. Keep reading to see what makes Verona appliances one of the most highly regarded Italian brands in the industry:

Verona Ranges

Verona offers two collections of ranges, the Classic collection which features a nostalgic old-world style, and the standard Verona ranges which emphasize a sleek and sophisticated design.

The standard Verona ranges (also sometimes referred to as “N” Series) are available in 24”, 30”, 36”, as well as optional single or double ovens, and all-gas, electric, and dual fuel options. Professionally stylized with a stainless steel and chrome accents, tubular legs, and an emphasis on sleek surfaces and clean lines.

The worktops are equipped with sealed high BTU burners and feature cast-iron burner grates, electronic ignition and re-ignition, and Verona’s Flame Failure Safety Device which automatically shuts off the gas flow in the event of an extinguished flame. Verona is also one of the few brands to offer a 36” electric range, which features a black ceramic cooktop and multiple size and power output elements, some radiant and some induction.

These standard Verona ranges also feature single ovens in 24” and 30” models, and optional 4.0 cu. ft. single ovens or 2.4 cu. ft. and 1.5 cu. ft. double ovens in the 36” models. Certain models feature storage compartments while some feature warming drawers, and available finishes are white, stainless steel, burgundy, antique white, and matte black.

The Classic Collection ranges reflect a classic industrial design with plinth legs, unique industrial knobs similar to the bar pointer style, color matched control panels, tubular handles and handrail, chrome nameplate, and beveled doors. This collection consists of only 36” ranges, with fuel configurations of gas, electric, and dual fuel.


Verona Built-In Wall Ovens

Verona has mastered the art of designing a built-in wall oven that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen style while not sacrificing the cutting-edge technology and features that you love the most. These premium ovens come in a multitude of different sizes, fuels, and styles to offer the ultimate flexibility in choosing the perfect oven for you. From electric self-cleaning double and single ovens to compact 24” 110 Volt ovens, Verona offers the perfect solution for every kitchen.

Dynamic features include touch controls, dual convection fans, 4 pane glass doors that stay cool to the touch, telescopic fully retractable racks, pyrolytic self-cleaning modes in electric models and infrared broilers in gas models. With styles that perfectly match the Verona ranges as well as timeless pro-style versions, these Verona built-in ovens are perfect for offering additional oven space or complementing a built-in cooktop.

Verona Cooktops

Verona cooktops provide some of the most versatile cooktop designs available that it’s almost impossible to not find the perfect one. Gas, radiant, induction, touch controls, rotary dial knobs, continuous grates, separated burners, 12 inches to 44 inches, Verona has it all. The Designer series features heavy duty professional gas cooktops with unique burner placement designs, adding style and functionality to your kitchen.

The electric radiant cooktops feature quick and powerful elements with hot surface and residual heat indicator lights and a unique “Peacock Tail” touch controls. The induction cooktops are equipped with BOOST technology on every zone, a pan detection system, as well as the “Peacock Tail” bar and indicator lights. These electric Verona cooktops feature an attractive black ceramic surface with aluminum frame and come in 30” and 36” sizes for radiant and 30” for induction. For small compact kitchens, the 12” cooktops offer 2 high powered sealed burners/elements that doesn’t limit your big cooking skills regardless of small spaces.


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