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Save on Miele Detergent and Fragrances with Purchase of W1 and T1 Appliances

Exclusive Miele Fabric Care Promotions

The development and release of Miele’s highly anticipated W1 washers and T1 dryers is truly an exciting announcement for consumers, designers, and industry professionals alike.

The innovative technology and features utilized by these new Miele appliances revolutionize the way we approach laundry and fabric care and the sophisticated machines are only a part of the equation. Another part of this progressive new laundry process is the fabric care accessories integrated into the wash and dry programs.

For a limited time, instantly save on these Miele fabric care accessories with your purchase of eligible W1T1 laundry appliances!

Free 6 Month Supply of Detergent – $94.95 Value

The TwinDos system (available in the WWH660 and WWH860) utilizes the UltraPhase 1 and 2 detergents and automatically dispenses them at separate and optimum times during the wash cycle for maximum effectiveness.

The UltraPhase 1 liquid detergent breaks up soil and removes oil and starch stains while the UltraPhase 2 detergent dispenses the necessary amount of bleach to remove even the most stubborn of stains, such as red wine.

Together, this 2-phase dosing system works to ensure the best results in terms of stain removal, color brightness, degree of whiteness, and anti-greying. Remove all the guesswork from finding the right brand and measurements and let Miele take care of it.

During the promotional period, receive a voucher with purchase of an eligible Miele W1 washing machine to receive a complimentary 6 month supply of detergents!

Buy 3 Fragrance Flacons, Get 1 Free – $10.99 Value

The only thing as amazing as putting on freshly dried clothes still warm from the dryer is getting a whiff of your favorite scent throughout the day thanks to the Miele FragranceDos system.

Fragrance flacons fit into an integrated holder in the Miele T1 dryers (TWF160 and TWI180) to distribute a long-lasting and well-balanced scent during the drying cycle. The intensity of the scent is adjustable; delightful choices include Aqua, Cocoon, and Nature.

Purchase an eligible Miele T1 dryer and receive a voucher to get 1 free fragrance flacon with the purchase of 3. Enjoy the ultimate freshness experience with Miele!

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