Retro is the New "New"

Smeg 50's Style Finish Variations

For many years, stainless steel and commercial style dominated the luxury appliance market. It seemed the only way to get professional quality home appliances was to do so with the straight lines, smooth surfaces and large control knobs of commercial kitchens; and while this may appeal to some, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Today options abound for the enthusiastic home chef who wants his or her home kitchen to look like the heart of the home rather than a sterile commercial environment. A few luxury manufacturers in particular have embraced the marriage of advanced technology and stylish vintage aesthetic; and consumers have responded in kind with growing demand, proving retro is the new “new.”

The Heartland Classic Series, Bertazzoni Heritage Series ranges, and Smeg 50's Style Series refrigerators are a few of the top retro appliances currently taking the market by storm.

Bertazzoni Heritage Series KitchenHailing from Italy, the Bertazzoni family takes pride in its rich heritage and designs its cooking ranges with both quality and aesthetics in mind. The Bertazzoni Heritage series includes 36” and 48” ranges in cream, black and burgundy with stylish brushed metal trim.

The oven handle is a slender rounded bar that ends in a stylized knob on each side. Beyond the intriguing nostalgic design, the 48” Bertazzoni Heritage gas range with griddle features six burners with heavy-duty grates, including one high-efficiency, triple-ring burner.

Two ovens offer a combined 4 cubic feet of baking space and allow users to bake two dishes at separate temperatures simultaneously. Bertazzoni also offers range hoods and backsplashes to match its Heritage series ranges.

Another option for a vintage-style kitchen range is the Heartland Classic Series. With an 80 year history in the home appliance market, Heartland, like Bertazzoni, combines elegant design with advanced technology to offer home chefs a professional cooking experience without the sterile aesthetics of a commercial kitchen.

Heartland Retro Kitchen Package

The elegant curves, soft lines and intriguing colors of Heartland ranges hint of a storied past while the durable cast iron construction, gas cooktops and versatile electric ovens with convection capabilities keep the Heartland range in the running for the best dual fuel range on the market. Heartland ranges also feature a backsplash and a built-in exhaust fan.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the Heartland range, you’ll likely want to extend Heartland’s elegant design throughout the kitchen, and right now is the perfect time to consider complete Heartland appliance packages. Now through the end of the year, customers receive a Heartland dishwasher for free when they purchase a Heartland range and full-size refrigerator. Customers may choose from a gas, electric, dual fuel or even wood-burning ranges in cobalt, ivory, white, cranberry or black.

For a completely different retro style, the Smeg 50's Style Series single door refrigerator looks like it appeared straight from the 1950s, except that behind that iconic exterior lie all the benefits of contemporary refrigerators – energy efficiency, adjustable shelving and a frost-free freezer.

Smeg 50's Style Refrigerator Line

Smeg’s retro fridge design exudes a friendly nostalgia with its bubbly exterior and comes in a wide range of colors from mint green to bright red. Smeg also offers it retro fridges in two distinct sizes, including a compact small refrigerator, 24” wide, for space-constrained kitchens.

With their own distinct designs, Smeg, Heartland and Bertazzoni offer home chefs the ability to cook like professional chefs in a warm and inviting atmosphere full or personality. The broad color choices and unique aesthetic of each brand give homeowners an opportunity to break from the predictable mold of the modern luxury kitchen and reflect their own personal style.

Additionally, while the designs may whisper of decades past, interested shoppers are afforded all the conveniences of today. Shop for retro appliances online at Elite Appliance, or visit the Dallas showroom to see the appliances in person. Either way, knowledgeable, helpful staff is ready to help you create your new retro kitchen.

Krista Franks Brock

Krista Franks Brock is a Dallas resident and freelance writer who enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics from cooking and home design to the mortgage industry. When she’s not writing, she’s often either experimenting in the kitchen or pursuing artistic endeavors such as painting, sewing and jewelry-making.