Reinvigorate Your Love for Cooking with a Miele Double Oven Range


Are things a little lackluster in your kitchen?

If so, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Reinvigorate your love for food and your passion for cooking with the Miele HR1956DFGDSS. This dual fuel 48-inch double oven range has an expansive, powerful cooking surface and two spacious multi-functional ovens to accommodate all your culinary tasks and ventures, and it does so in an appealing designer package of sleek black and stainless steel.

Miele HR1956DFGDSS Review

On top, the 48-inch range has six gas burners and an infrared griddle. The cooktop can reach up to a high of 19,500 BTUs, one of the highest power burners on the market. However, any cook knows a delicate simmer is equally important and can be difficult to achieve. Miele offers two burners with its TrueSimmer function. The burners are controlled with Miele’s stylish backlit precision knobs. If a flame ever flickers out, you won’t be left with cold soup. The burners re-ignite automatically. A continuous grate allows you to slide pots and pans from one burner to the next for quick changes in heat, and the grates are dishwasher safe for added convenience.


Oven Features

Below, the two ovens on the freestanding range offer convenient features to make cooking easier and safer with better end results. Miele’s MasterChef automatic program has 100 automatic programs in each oven, so you can let the oven know what you’re making, and it will do the thinking for you to determine the correct temperature and length of time necessary. A wireless roast probe also helps ensure dishes are done to perfection without any guesswork, and with no wire, you can safely and easily insert the probe without reaching into the oven.

Miele also lets you control the humidity inside the oven, allowing the optimal conditions for all types of baking. You can achieve beautifully baked breads—brown and crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside with Miele’s Moisture Plus option.

The Miele HR1956DFGDSS also has TwinPower Convection fans to circulate heat evenly throughout the oven cavity and to help preheat the oven quickly.


To help ensure the safety of the entire family, Miele installed a safety-shut-off and system lock; and the front of the oven remains cool to the touch even while the interior is ablaze with heat.

To help make things just a little easier for the home chef, Miele’s oven door opens easily and smoothly with soft hinges, and with an ergonomic ComfortSwivel handle that rotates as you open the oven, putting less pressure on your wrist.

Miele’s AirClean Catalyzer works to extract grease and odor from the air so it is not dispersed throughout the home and infiltrating your furniture and curtains.

The 48-inch range is also RemoteVision capable, meaning if you choose to enable it, if there is a malfunction, the range will automatically notify Miele by wifi, and Miele will contact you to address the problem.

The Miele double oven range takes care of all the technical details of cooking, allowing you to focus on the fun part—trying out new recipes, pairing dishes that complement one another, experimenting with new flavors, and assembling beautifully presented meals and hors d’oeuvres.



Krista Franks Brock

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