Miele KM6370 Review: 36" Induction Cooktop with PowerFlex


Miele KM6370 Review

For the skilled home chef who needs a cooktop as ambitious and resourceful as themselves, Miele has them covered. Miele’s line of induction cooktops take the already innovative cooking technology to a new level by utilizing powerful heating functions, considerate safety features, and convenient time-savers. One such fine example of Miele’s induction cooktops is the KM6370 – a 36” attractive black ceramic glass cooktop with five induction cooking zones.

Intuitive Cooking Technology

Miele-Cooktop-ControlsControlled by touchpad sensor controls, the five induction zones can be activated at a power level range of 1 – 9 and use pan size recognition to only use energy to heat the area under the bottom of the pan instead of the entire element for maximum energy conservation. If you need to use a bout of high power as quickly as possible, the Twin Booster/Booster function will combine the power output from two zones into one high powered zone, which is incredibly useful for bringing pots of water to a rapid boil.

With versatile cooking zone configurations that accommodate pots and pans of different sizes and shapes, this Miele cooktop also offers a PowerFlex area which combines the two PowerFlex zones into one large zone to accommodate larger cookware such as griddles or oven dishes. To complement these convenient sizing features, the KM6370 also includes a timer function for the option of setting up a zone’s active duration, as well as a Keep Warm function to intelligently monitor the cookware’s temperature without burning or overcooking the contents.

Safe for You and Your Family

If you’re used to being frequently interrupted while cooking or worry about wandering little hands accidentally turning on appliances, then the KM6370 offers peace of mind with its wide array of safety features. With the touch of a button, the Stop and Go function allows you to instantly reduce the power level of active zones, then return to the set power level just as quickly; perfect for leaving meals momentarily unattended without fear of burning while answering the door.

An overheating protection mechanism automatically switches power off if there a danger of overheating and indicator lights keep you aware of Miele-KM6370-Induction-Cooktop-2any residual heat. As the cherry on top to your no-worries cooking experience, a system lock function protects from accidentally switching on the cooktop or can also be used while the cooktop is on to prevent from altering settings.

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