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Master Sous Vide Cooking with Miele’s Built-In Vacuum Drawer

A Push2Open mechanism provides a handleless design on the Miele vacuum drawer for a sleek profile.

Miele’s First Ever Vacuum Drawer

Convert your residential kitchen into a culinary sanctuary fit for a professional with Miele’s newly introduced vacuum drawer. At 24-inches wide and featuring Miele’s distinguished PureLine design, the Miele vacuum drawer can be installed in seamless alignment with the combi-steam oven to provide an efficient working station for sous vide cooking.

Cook intensely flavorful meals when you partner the vacuum drawer with the combo-steam oven.

Souse-Vide is a French term which means cooking “under vacuum.” This method cooks at a consistently low temperature over a long period which intensifies flavor while maintaining shape, vitamins and nutrients.

Suitable for small and large vacuum bags as large as 10 inches by 13.5 inches; oxygen and air are removed from the bags using any of three different vacuum settings to create a perfectly sealed container.

EVS6114 Built-In Vacuum Drawer

The first level is perfect for packaging delicate foods that are pressure sensitive such as berries and chips. The second vacuum setting is ideal for sealing liquid-based and delicate proteins such as stock, sauces, and fishes. This setting is also optimal for marinating. The last setting will be utilized most often with sous vide cooking by sealing foods with a low liquid content such as meat, carrots and potatoes.

On top of sous vide cooking, the EVS6114 Vacuum Sealing Drawer can be used for preparing, storing and portioning foods for fresher and healthier meals. Miele also provides an attachment for vacuum sealing containers so food storage is made easier.

Extend the storage life of all different types of foods with the Miele multi-setting vacuum drawer.

The appliance design of the drawer features a sleek profile with a Push2Open mechanism and discreet touch glass controls that adds style and sophistication to every kitchen it’s featured in. With the purchase of a Miele vacuum drawer, you also receive access to the Miele Sous Vide recipe cookbook to guide you through an infinite number of flavorful and nutrient-rich meals.

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