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Marvel Refrigerators and Wine Cellars Now Available at Elite Appliance

At Elite Appliance, we now extend a new conduit to luxury: Marvel specialty refrigeration.

Marvel transforms the way we think about refrigeration. Once a large, bulky appliance relegated to a particular cutout in the wall of the kitchen, Marvel refrigeration breaks through the traditional boundaries to offer refreshment outside the confines of the kitchen and even outside the walls of the house itself.

Marvel Refrigeration
Marvel undercounter refrigeration expands your ability to keep beverages and snacks chilled and within reach.

The versatility of Marvel’s compact refrigerators combined with their attractive yet discreet design and their long-lasting, reliable operation have earned them an outstanding reputation among luxury homeowners.

It all started more than 70 years ago with the Marvel icemaker, and today the trusted brand offers everything from undercounter refrigerators to wine refrigerators and kegerators.

A Marvel undercounter beverage center come with a six-bottle wine cradle in the bottom, two full-length shelves that can also convert into wine cradles and a short, cantilevered shelf, allowing you to store both short soda cans and tall bottles.

Marvel Wine Cellars
A Marvel wine refrigerator displays your favorite vintages in an elegant and temperature-controlled environment.

While Marvel designs its refrigerators to be highly attractive, they understand that it’s not likely many homeowners want their refrigerator to serve as the focal point of the room. Therefore, Marvel refrigerators feature a black interior that allows them to fade into their surroundings. The door features a large pane of glass surrounded by stainless steel, but overlay panels are available to accommodate custom finishes, further allowing the refrigerator to disappear into its surroundings.

Marvel’s refrigeration units are well designed from the outside in. In fact, the U.S. military has turned to Marvel to create special refrigerators to function in desert climates and near explosives. Marvel’s consumer appliances are built with the same standards as their military models, so you can be sure your Marvel outdoor refrigerator will withstand the elements and continue to deliver you cool beverages throughout the heat of the summer.

The Marvel Professional Series offers refrigerators, wine cellars, refrigerated drawers and icemakers all designed for the professional style kitchen. Stacking combinations are also available. You can place a Marvel wine refrigerator on top of a Marvel refrigerator drawer, or they may sit side-by-side underneath the countertop.

Marvel Drawer Refrigerator
Marvel drawer refrigerators give you two storage zones for storing snacks and beverages at ideal temperatures.

The Marvel Chateau Series is the brand’s newest addition to its product line. The series offers a range of various sized wine refrigerators all featuring the Sentry System, which monitors conditions inside and alerts you with an alarm when the temperature is outside the desired range, the refrigerator is not receiving power, or the door is left open. Additionally, a dual zone wine cellar from the Chateau Collection allows you to keep both red and white wines at their ideal temperatures, so everyone may enjoy the wine of their choice without sacrificing anything.

Whether you’re looking for a nontraditional refrigeration format for your kitchen or a beverage center for your game room, home theatre, or patio, a Marvel undercounter refrigerator will deliver the chilled beverage of your choice in the setting of your choice.

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