Leading Luxury Refrigerators of 2016


As our standards for beauty and functionality continue to grow, engineers must progressively adapt and continue innovating design and technology to produce high quality refrigerators that look beautiful, smell fresh, and go above and beyond the call of duty for our food preservation needs.

It may seem like a giant scavenger hunt game to try and piece together your dream refrigerator, but whether your needs are for a 100 sq. foot kitchen in your home or a small studio apartment in the city, there is a high-end luxury refrigerator that’s right for you.



KitchenAid’s KBSD608ESS Review

With intuitive controls, a sleek no-fingerprint finish, 48” Side by Side doors, water filter and ice maker, it’s easy to see why the KBSD608ESS is a favorite of 2016. As a built-in refrigerator, this grand model is loved by buyers with large kitchen spaces who need the large storage capacity to match.

kitchenaid-kbsd608essThis sizeable refrigerator features 3 adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, full-width door bins with gallon-holding capabilities, and temperature controlled drawers. There is almost an infinite amount of space for fruits, vegetables, meats, dairies, sodas, pastries, and every other item that needs refrigeration.

The freezer compartment features 5 adjustable shelves with a large ice cube storage container, making ice a readily available commodity for large family gatherings or parties. No need to send some unfortunate soul across town to pick up a bag of ice.

Boasting energy efficient LED lighting, there’s no strain on eyes trying to peer all the way into the back of the shelves. The KBSD608ESS also features easy adjustments of separate temperatures for both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

This refrigerator also happens to be a quiet giant meaning there are no loud operational noises waking you up in the middle of the night. The ice cube and water dispenser is a bonus feature that many shoppers appreciate, which measures the exact number of ounces of deliciously filtered water being dispensed.



Liebherr Freestanding Series Refrigerator CS1360 Review
For small kitchen spaces where not as much storage capacity is needed, a thinner and sleeker refrigerator is the clear choice for trendy foodies. The Liebherr CS1360 is a 24” bottom mount refrigerator/freezer model – tall and thin with beveled edges. The elegant design alone is enough to be the centerpiece of your kitchen, guaranteed to be complimented over and over by your friends and family.

liebherr-cs1360-resizedWhile this model may be compact, there’s a plethora of state of the art technology within its elegant doors, ready to deliver you the ultimate premium refrigeration experience.

The refrigerator compartment has 9.7 Cubic feet of storage capacity, with 5 glass shelves, a bottle rack, vegetable drawer, container shelves, and gallon-holding capabilities. The freezer compartment has 3.3 cubic feet of storage capabilities with 4 drawers for optimum organization as well as an icemaker for all your beverage needs.

Backing the storage capabilities is Liebherr’s powerful cooling systems, including FrostControl drawers, Sabbath mode, child proofing, and SuperFrost, which generates greater reserves of cold air to rapidly freeze fresh food for greater vitamin preservation.

The Liebherr CS1360 is energy star certified, meaning it is designed to waste less energy and emit less greenhouse gasses, resulting in a better environment and savings for users. Lastly, the patented Soft System is designed for use in high-end custom cabinetry that ensures the door closes gently even when fully loaded.



Freestanding Liebherr CS2062 Review

The CS2062 is a freestanding series refrigerator/freezer that is both a large capacity refrigerator and energy efficient at the same time. As a counter depth model, the CS2062 fits effortlessly into your kitchen, with a stainless steel finish to compliment any kitchen interior design.

French doors open to reveal a brightly LED-lit interior, with 4 accessible storage shelves, 3 of which are height adjustable. There are 2 BioFresh drawers to keep any fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy items fresh for up to three times longer than other refrigeration systems. There are also 6 door racks including 2 capable of holding gallon containers.

The freezer is divided into two different drawers, making organization by frequency use a breeze. With the Duo Cooling system, the freezer temperature and humidity levels are completely separate from the refrigerator cooling circuit, ensuring that your frozen foods stay frozen until you need them.

On top of superior storage capacity, Liebherr is also a leader in green refrigeration, exercising responsible manufacturing and producing units that are all Energy Star rated.

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Viking RVRF336SS

Another favorite of 2016 is the RVRF336SS, which combines precision temperature controls and organization to deliver you a preservation system that works for everything from dairy to wine.

This 36” French door refrigerator has a total storage capacity of 22.1 cubic feet, with a bottom mount refrigerator drawer and premium water and air filters so there is no chance of odor or taste transfers.

rvrf336ssInside the refrigerator compartment, you’ll find four adjustable glass shelves for common, easy-to-preserve food items, along with door bins with gallon-holding capabilities. Two crisper drawers with separate humidity controls provide a perfect space for your vegetables and fruits to prosper in their individual humidity-controlled space.

An adjustable ColdZone drawer beneath that provides a separate temperature-controlled space where you can adjust for packaged meats, chilled wine, or even a defrosting feature for frozen foods. The bottom mount freezer has tri-level wire baskets, as well as a separate ice drawer – offering the perfect organizational space to store items based on size or frequency.

Paired with state-of-the-art air and water filters, as well as a discrete control panel for toggling temperature, energy, saving mode, Sabbath mode, and alarms and sounds, the RVRF336SS is an advanced appliance that provides everything you need in a pro-style refrigerator.

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