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KitchenAid Appliance Packages at Elite Appliance

Suites for the Kitchen Enthusiasts

KitchenAid boasts being the only appliance brand that makes things only for the kitchen, which gives them the expertise and dedication to continuously innovate and perfect their versatile line of premium kitchen appliances. Designed to meet the highest standards for both style and function, a KitchenAid appliance package possesses a perfect blend of convenience, flexibility, and precision that fuels your ambition and encourages creativity.

Whether you’re searching for the best deal on a full KitchenAid suite or just shopping for one or two promising appliances to help convert your residential kitchen into a central hub for your culinary passion, Elite Appliance is here to help you save!

Exclusive Even-Heat Cooking Technology

It’s easy to find the right fit for your needs and style within KitchenAid’s extensive line of cooking appliances. From powerful statement-making ranges to low-profile induction cooktops, KitchenAid has an appliance designed to complement every kind of layout and style.

A feature exclusive to KitchenAid’s cooking appliances is Even-Heat™ technology. Adapted for its induction cooktops, gas burners, electric griddles and convection ovens, this technology ensures a precise and even heat distribution and maintains it throughout the cooking process, creating gourmet results with no uneven hot or cold spots.

Intuitive Refrigeration Systems

With unique storage designs for both grocery preservation as well as entertainment, KitchenAid refrigerators instantly elevate the functionality of every home they’re featured in.

KitchenAid understands that the start of every great meal needs to be properly stored in optimum conditions before anything else can happen. From the sleek side-by-side models to the capacious French door units, these refrigerators showcase premium design touches such as platinum interiors, LED lighting, wood accents, and elegant finishes such as a trendy fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel.

Perhaps one of the most intuitive systems KitchenAid pioneered is the Preserva® Food Care System which allow you to set different climates for the refrigerator and freezer compartments as well as control humidity levels to delay over-ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Clean Your Dishes in High Style

Distinguishable by their trademark red medallions, a KitchenAid dishwasher features a sleek and elegant design that integrates seamlessly with any interior style.

The dynamic wash arm system propels water in every direction for superior coverage and with convenient features, such as adjustable baskets and third level racks, achieving a sparkling clean is easier than ever. If you have your doubts, you can even see the dishwasher’s powerful cleaning capabilities in progress with KitchenAid’s stylish windows emphasized with accent lighting.


Save on KitchenAid with Elite Appliance

With Elite Appliance, KitchenAid appliances are eligible for coast-to-coast delivery, and if you’re ordering from outside of Texas, consider the sales tax scrapped! In addition, Elite Appliance can offer free shipping on all KitchenAid orders over $999. Contact us today to speak with an appliance specialist and start saving on KitchenAid today!

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