Keep Your Kitchen Fully Stocked with Nostalgia - NEW Smeg Retro Line Dishwashers

Smeg has patterned itself to be an appliance brand that breaks the aesthetic mold of conventional kitchen appliances.
With their distinct designs, Smeg offers home chefs the option for a more warm and inviting atmosphere full of personality. The broad color choices and unique aesthetic of each brand give homeowners an opportunity to break from the predictable mold of the modern luxury kitchen and reflect their own personal style.

The Smeg 50’s Style Series single door refrigerator, for instance, looks as though it time-warped straight from the 1950s. However, upon opening the door to the iconic exterior, you'd find it's chocked full of the benefits of contemporary refrigerators – energy efficiency, adjustable shelving and a frost-free freezers.

And now Smeg has further provided fans of the retro kitchen yet another piece of cohesive & functional art for their home.
The new Smeg Retro Series Dishwashers continue the tradition of Smeg's unique 50's style appliances (bold coloring, glossy finishes, rounded corners).
The dishwasher line also includes many of the modern and technological specs necessary for full practicality in the modern kitchen. They include a full-sized tub that can accommodate up to 13 place settings, 10 wash cycles, an orbital washing system, and the visually pertinent hidden electronic control panel that seamlessly integrate the piece with other Smeg retro series products.
The Smeg Retro line is the perfect choice for the certain type of homemaker who finds the current trend of sharp angled, stainless steel just a bit too plain. And Smeg's perpetual investment into nostalgia continues to present these types with the best of the best, both in artistic display and utility.
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