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Keep Sightlines Open with Ceiling-Mounted Ventilation Hoods

Out of sight, out of mind – Elica’s Siena ceiling-mounted hood hides in plain view, making it perfect for open-concept kitchens.

Ventilation Solution for Open Concept Kitchens

Different from their under-cabinet counterparts, ceiling-mounted hoods are used primarily for island ventilation. But unlike regular kitchen island hoods, ceiling mounted vents are installed flush to the ceiling, keeping sightlines open and unobscured.

As a part of the rising hidden range hood trend, ceiling-mounted hoods serve as a unique alternative to traditional ventilation hoods and emphasize attractive design that remains discreet until needed.

This ceiling-mounted hood by Futuro Futuro is more likely to be mistaken for a skylight than a ventilation appliance.

How Does Ceiling-Mounted Ventilation Work?

Ceiling-mounted hoods use a Perimeter Aspiration System, which foregoes traditional mesh filters and instead uses airflow collector slots around the perimeter. These inlet slots increase the speed and force of air capture, which distributes airflow more evenly, improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption. Due to the unique design, the exterior is easier to clean and the added soundproof panels within the hood dramatically reduces noise.

This style of ventilation hood is located further away from the stovetop than normal so it’s important to make sure the appropriate calculations are made to ensure the hood is compatible with the cooking appliance.

Zephyr’s Lux ceiling-mounted hood is the perfect ventilation solution that keeps the kitchen smoke-free without obstructing the picturesque view.

How to Control Ceiling-Mounted Hoods?

Featuring sleek stainless steel and glass compositions as well as attractive lighting, ceiling-mounted hoods offer a sophisticated design that are controlled in an equally sophisticated way. Since installation is so far out of reach, ceiling-mounted hoods use a remote control that sits comfortably within reach. Control power, speed, and lighting without ever having to strain your arms.

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