Introducing Miele’s Highly Anticipated W1 and T1 Laundry Appliances

The Miele W1/T1 laundry appliances have the necessary innovation and versatility to clean any type of garment and be installed anywhere in the house - hence the Everything Washer and the Anywhere Dryer.

The Everything Washer Meets the Anywhere Dryer

Making their first public appearance at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, the new and highly anticipated Miele W1/T1 washing machines and dryers are poised to revolutionize how the USA does laundry. Debuting three new washing machines and two new tumble dryers, these new Miele laundry appliances are scheduled to launch in Spring 2018.

The W1/T1 appliances are designed for the ultimate convenience when it comes to installation options thanks to their 24-inch compact design; but it’s not just the size that sets these machines apart from the rest. As Miele’s pledge IMMER BESSER (forever better) suggests, the technology and features developed for this new line of laundry appliances exhibit a new display of quality and innovation, the likes of which have never been seen.

The use of the TwinDos and CapDosing dispensing system ensures that every type of fabric - from waterproof synthetic fibers to down feather pillows - are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed.

Miele W1 Washing Machines

Available in a three-tiered variety, Miele’s W1 washing machines offer an entry (WWF060), standard (WWH660), and premium (WWH860) model with each unit featuring a selection of Miele’s laundry care innovations.

Miele@Home / Miele@mobile
Operate and monitor your appliance by merely swiping your finger on a screen. Using an integrated WiFi module, you can select programs, receive notifications, and shop for laundry care accessories via the Miele app (free of charge, available on both Apple and Google app stores).


Get a 30% detergent savings potential with the TwinDos dispensing system. Miele’s UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 liquid detergents are integrated into the unit with the dispense system optimized for fabric type, load size, and degree of soiling. The detergent and bleaching agent is automatically dispensed at separate and optimal times during the washing process to maximize dirt and stain removal.


Pre-portioned capsules containing fabric care agents such as special detergents, softeners, and enhancers can be loaded into the fabric conditioner compartment and are automatically dispensed during the wash program. These special applications can be used to neutralize bad odors, prevent electrostatic cling or shrinkage, renew water repellent features, and much much more.


QuickIntenseWash Program
Thanks to enhanced spin and spray technology, achieve the highest level of clean in under 1 hour, even with small or single item loads. You’ll never again have to scramble or settle for a new outfit after an accidental spill.


Miele is a proud Energy Star partner which is seen with the amount of smart energy-efficient technology implemented by the W1 washing machines. Consume only the bare minimum of water and electricity needed and help save the world while saving money.
Miele's use of heat-pump technology and lack of duct work means that installation isn't just limited to the laundry room. Tuck the TWF160 or TWI180 away in a guest bedroom, closet, or wash room.

Miele T1 Ventless Dryers

The perfect counterpart to the W1 washers are the Miele T1 dryers which are available in two different models. The TWF160 serves as the basic level model but with outstanding features such as heat-pump technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, and FragranceDos dispensing, this dryer is anything but “basic.”

Intensify the drying process even more with the Miele TWI180 dryer which includes all the innovative features from the base model plus steam technology and specialized pillow drying programs.

Heat-Pump Technology
In contrast to conventional vented dryers, ventless heat-pump technology generates heat and then reuses it again throughout the drying process which drastically increases energy efficiency. The lower temperatures produced allow for even the most delicate of clothing items to be dried while still protecting high-quality fibers.


Enjoy a burst of well-balanced fragrance without any additional effort on your part. Miele’s fragrance pods are inserted into an integrated holder which dispense and evenly circulate throughout your laundry load, leaving your garments fresh and fragrant. Choose from three scents – Aqua, Nature, and Cocoon.


During the drying process, a fine mist is heated alongside your laundry creating a steam that smoothes wrinkles and prepares garments for ironing or – depending on the fabric – eliminates the need for ironing altogether.


There are a lot of things that require precise calculations but Miele’s got your laundry handled. The PerfectDry feature measures moisture and adjusts the drying process accordingly while already taking calcium content into consideration, which can affect residual moisture sensing.


Miele’s T1 tumble dryers were designated the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR products in 2018, meaning they prevented greenhouse emissions by meeting strict performance standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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