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Elite Appliance Partners With Local School To Send 2.5 Tons Of Supplies To Areas Affected By Superstorm Sandy

Loading Supplies for Superstorm Sandy Victims
Loading up 2.5 tons of supplies to go to victims of Superstorm Sandy.

As images of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy filled the news, one local Dallas school felt compelled to help those affected by the storm. Inspired by their generosity, we at Elite Appliance joined the cause to deliver hope in the form of warm clothes and warm food to our neighbors in the Northeast.

It was a teacher at Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Dallas who first decided to take action. Tad Long contacted a church in New Jersey to see what he and his school could do. Then he let his students and their parents know they could donate clothing, hats, coats, flashlights and more to help New Jersey and New York residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“I had no idea what was going to happen. I just put the word out,” Long told reporters in a recent Fox4 interview.

He was soon “blown away,” he told reporters, by donations pouring in from students and their families. In addition to bringing in material goods, students volunteered their time sorting donations during their lunch and P.E. hours. Some also wrote letters of hope to storm victims.

Within two days, Good Shepherd had amassed 2.5 tons of supplies.

When it became evident the donations would not fit in vehicles the school originally planned to use to transport the goods, Elite Appliance stepped in to help. When Long and the van and trailer left Thursday morning, They left behind 9 pallets of donations they could not fit in their van, and an additional 4 pallets of donations arrived after news coverage of the donations had aired. Elite picked up all the donations that would not fit in their van and trailer, as well as the additional late-arriving donations. Then Elite arranged for all of these extra donations to be shipped in an 18-wheeler truck to meet them in New Jersey. The donations Shipped by Elite alone weighed over 5,100 pounds or over 2.5 tons, totaling 13 pallets.

Long, with two other Good Shepherd teachers and two parents, set off in a caravan of two vans and the 18-wheeler after a warm send-off from students. They traveled to Trenton, New Jersey, and Staten Island, New York, arriving about two weeks after the storm hit.

In addition to handing out the 2.5 tons of supplies, Long and his crew cooked warm meals out of the kitchen in a school trailer in which they traveled. They fed about 700 grateful area residents.

Good Shepherd faculty and students are proud of their efforts to make a difference in the lives of those in need. One student has already received a response from a woman who received her encouraging note.

“We have all been through a terrible time, and your note brought such joy to me,” the student read from the letter for Fox4 reporters.

We at Elite Appliance were also moved by the generosity of the students and faculty at Good Shepherd, and we are proud to have been a part of their admirable efforts.

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