Crowning 2016's Top European-Made Ranges

bertazzoni-master-seriesWhen it comes to European ranges, there’s no doubting the certain je ne sais quoi that drives dexterous chefs to their porcelainized burners and gleaming frames. Here at Elite Appliance, we have the extreme pleasure of carrying several regal and mighty European ranges to deliver you the exact power and precision you need.

However, in the grand scheme of finding the top performers of 2016, there are certain models that stood out above the rest this year.



Verona Range VEFSGE365NDSS

Verona-vefsge365ndssFlexibility has never seemed so powerful until this 36” freestanding range came along. Equipped with 5 sealed porcelainized high BTU burners, and 2 European convention ovens, the VEFSGE365NDSS offers pinpoint accuracy and steady even results for all exquisite food creations.

There are two semi-rapid 6,000 BTU burners in the rear positions – perfect for smaller pots or pans below 24 cm in diameter. Two triple-ring burners in the front left and right positions heat up to 12,000 BTU’s, which provide even heat across the bottom of cookware, resulting in food cooking quickly with less fuel than standard burners.

The dual burner found in the center position is capable of ranging from 1,000 BTU’s up to 16,000 BTU’s and is composed of one inner and two outer crowns. The flexibility of the burner allows different regulations for the separate crowns, resulting in flawless flame control and optimal cooking results.

In addition to such high-powered burners, each Verona range comes equipped with a flame failure safety feature, which shuts off the gas flow if the flame is extinguished so that there are no accidental gas leaks.

The main oven is 18" across and has a 2.4 cubic feet capacity with two heavy duty oven racks. The second oven is 11” and has a 1.5 cubic feet capacity with two racks as well. Both ovens have 7 multifunction programs (Bake, Fan Oven, Conv. Bake, Broil, Conv. Broil, Dual Broil, and Defrost), and are controlled by 4 different heating elements, ranging from 800 W to 2450 W.

Lastly, the range comes with a full width storage compartment underneath the ovens and is fully customizable with adjustable stainless steel legs, optional round oven handles, island trims, and four colors (Matte Back, Burgundy, White, and Antique White) other than stainless steel for the home chef looking for an extra flair.



Bertazzoni MAS486GDFSXT

Bertazzoni-mas486gdfsxtFor the energetic home chef looking for a six-burner range but doesn’t want to sacrifice burners for a griddle, the MAS486GDFSXT is the range for you. At 48” wide, this freestanding super wide range provides not only six high-power and versatile gas burners, but also a stainless-steel griddle for all your multi-function cooking needs.

The brass burners offer 4 different power outputs – one auxiliary 3,400 BTU burner, three semi-rapid 6,500 BTU burners, one rapid 11,000 BTU burner, and one Dual power 18,000 BTU burner. The dual power burner is comprised of two separate burners – inside and out, and are controlled by two separate knobs for individual use, or paired for maximum power.

The main electric oven has 3.40 cubic feet of capacity and has a total of eight heating functions as well as two warming level functions, and a self-cleaning function. Ranging from convention baking to proofing (rising of a yeast dough), the electric main oven also boasts telescopic glide shelves for easy installation and movement, as well as pyrolytic oven lining.

Being a pyrolytic oven means during self-cleaning, the high quality enamel allows the oven to heat up to high temperatures and burn off fat and grease into a pile of ashes. Simple clean-up afterwards requires only a damp cloth to wipe away residue.

The smaller auxiliary oven has 1.70 cubic feet capacity with a total of four heating functions (bake, bottom bake, broil, and upper bake), as well as quadruple glass doors to minimize heat loss. This is especially useful for those hot summer days when the last thing you want is extra heat in the kitchen.

Aside from brilliant performance, an added benefit of owning this Bertazzoni range is the environmental and cost efficiencies. All Bertazzoni appliance products and packaging are 99% recyclable, and made with energy efficiency, and clean burning in mind.



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There's no doubting the master craftsmanship of European brands, and now until December 31st, you can find outstanding year-end savings on brands like Verona, Bertazzoni, and more.

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