Clear the Air with Viking’s Professional 5 Series Chimney Hood


Professional 5 Series VCWH54848SS Review

Intuitive, efficient, and stylish, the Viking professional 5 series hoods are customer favorites and are the number one choice to complete a Viking kitchen. Designed to deliver the ultimate convenience while looking stylish and professional, these Viking ventilation hoods utilize enhanced features like built-in heat sensors, backlit retractable control knobs, and commercial type baffle filters to leave your cooking airspace clean and fresh.

The popular 48” VCWH54848SS is an outstanding representative of all the cutting-edge features Viking’s professional 5 series line of hoods has to offer.


Heavy-Duty Professional Design

One of the most acclaimed and noticeable features of the VCWH54848SS are the backlit knobs. At first glance, they appear to be buttons, but just push in on the knob to allow it to extend. The backlit LED knobs can then be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise to dim and increase lighting or change the fan speed settings. These controls fully retract when not in use and the LED light bulbs are consumer replaceable and long-lasting for minimum maintenance.

If cooking temperatures reach uncomfortably high levels, a built-in heat sensor activates the ventilator to full power so you can keep your focus on cooking instead of constantly adjusting your fan speed. Two heat lamps (250-watt infrared bulbs not included) can keep food warm until ready to be served, or you can simply install flood lightbulbs for added illumination.


Efficient and Maintenance-Free

Enjoy total flexibility when it comes to blower installation. Choose from either interior, exterior, or in-line ventilators with a maximum of 1,200 CFM (or a maximum 1,500 CFM on exterior kits) to best suit your design and installation needs. The 18” height in the VCWH hoods use tough-box ventilator housing which protects the blower and allows it to quietly remove smoke and odor as the quietest hood and ventilator combination in the industry.

The stainless-steel commercial-type baffle filters remove vapors, condensing grease and then collecting it in a removable trough for easy and convenient disposal. These baffle filters are virtually maintenance free, will never clog, and only require an occasional run through the dishwasher.

The VCWH54848SS is also available in six other exclusive finishes (black, white, apple red, burgundy, cobalt blue, and graphite gray) and has multiple other size configurations (30”, 36”, 42”, and 60”). Feel even safer about purchasing a Viking hood with the industry’s best and most comprehensive 3-year signature warranty.

Learn more about the Viking Professional 5 Series Ventilation Hoods by watching the Viking Range video overview below.