Beyond Functionality: Smeg’s 50s Style Series Single-door Refrigerator

Some of us live our lives in pursuit of beauty. We’re admirers of nature, art and design. It goes without saying that we’re particularly picky about our living environment. For us, our homes are as much of a self-portrait as they are a place to eat and sleep.

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be daunting and even a bit boring. While some are impressed by technical specifications, new technologies and the latest gadgetry, we crave something with an artistic flair, a little pizzazz.

Unfortunately, you can’t order the refrigerator that fits your needs and then wrap it up in a nice case that exudes your sense of style the way you can with your cell phone.

Smeg 50's Series FAB28

But the idea of a dull, lifeless refrigerator whirring quietly in the corner is uninspiring.

For the visionary and idealist, Smeg offers a refrigerator that doesn’t just keep food cold; it also radiates style and serves as a conversation piece for the home.

Shunning the serious look of many of today’s modern, commercial-style, stainless steel appliances, Smeg harkens back to the highly glorified and nostalgic days of the 1950s for its iconic line of refrigerators.  Smeg’s 1950s-style refrigerators have a distinctly retro appeal with curved lines and a bubbly exterior. Even the color choices are an ode to the 1950s – bright fire-engine red, pale pastel blue, lime green, and even pink.

The smooth, glossy refrigerator door has a horizontal silver handle and the simple capital letters – SMEG – at the top which are accented by the rounded corners and beveled edges, ultimately giving the refrigerator a sense of personality further enhanced by the retro colors.

Smeg’s single-door refrigerator might look like a piece of the past, but it is in every way a part of the contemporary era when it comes to quality and functionality.

Smeg 50's Style Series YETI!

The compact 24” refrigerator offers 9.22 cubic feet of cooling space with adjustable shelving and door bins in order to accommodate each owner’s needs. The refrigerator interior has one fixed glass shelf, three adjustable glass shelves, and shelf for bottle storage.The interior also includes one produce container and one dairy box. The refrigerator door has two adjustable covered bins, four additional adjustable bins, and 2 egg bins.

Like a hot-rod-red blast from the past, Smeg’s retro fridge is designed for those with a flair for vivacious aesthetic and a desire to emanate those elements of their personalities throughout their homes – even in the most highly functional spaces.

For more information on Smeg’s iconic refrigerators, visit Elite Appliance online or in person.


Krista Franks Brock

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