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Bertazzoni Heritage Series Ranges: Perfect for an Industrial Style Kitchen

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Functional Charm and Design

The visual appeal that comes with an industrial style home stems from its humble origins of hard work and utilitarian function.

Full of raw materials and textures such as metal, wood, and stone, industrial style kitchens are reminiscent of turn of the 19th century factories featuring cavernous open spaces and large windows. Décor items will range from antique vintage pieces to salvaged objects but what better way is there to combine form and function than by including a beautiful kitchen range that possesses the best of both worlds.

Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series ranges feature a time-honored style inspired by old wood burning stoves and provide all the modern engineering and technology you need while still contributing to your overall industrial aesthetic.

Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series ranges feature polished chrome knobs and brushed steel trim which serve as beautiful ornamental elements that contribute to the overall kitchen design.

One of the tell-tale signs of industrial design is the heavy use of cold metals. Brushed steel trims paired with original chrome handles and knobs complies with this style rule and serve as beautiful accents against the signature matte finishes.

Inspired by various parts of traditional Italian culture, the signature matte finishes of black, burgundy, and cream provide a subtle injection of color that feels organic and unassuming – perfect for industrial design.

Overall, every ornamental element in a Bertazzoni Heritage Series range perfectly complements the other popular materials and elements found in industrial design. In conjunction with its beautiful exterior, the Bertazzoni Heritage ranges also features powerful engineering to provide intense and precise heat to assist you in all your future culinary adventures.

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