An Overview of Miele’s MasterCool K1803Vi Refrigerator

Miele-K1803Vi-Smart-Fresh-DrawersA good refrigerator is like the loyal friend we sometimes take for granted – always there for us, always doing its job, and helping us through the very beginning of whatever new adventure we are about to embark on. Those good friends are hard to come by, and likewise a good refrigerator that fits both your food preservation and design needs are just as difficult to find.

That’s why we’re taught from an early age to never let go of a good thing, which is why once you’ve tried the Miele MasterCool K1803Vi Refrigerator, you’ll never want to let it go.



The 30-inch built-in, integrated MasterCool Refrigerator features high-quality and advanced technology designed to maximize storage space and deliver optimum food preservation. Within its panel-ready doors, you’ll find 15.95 Cu Ft. of refrigerator space with 3 storage shelves, 3 removable fruit and vegetable drawers, and 4 door storage bins offering you ample space to organize and store a variety of food items.

Miele-Built-In-K1803Vi-RefrigeratorThe shelves are spill-proof, containing any spilled food or liquids from dripping onto other shelves or bins, creating a mess and ruining your other food items. The SmartFresh drawers are humidity-controlled, allowing you to pre-select what food-types you’ll be storing in order to create the perfect induvial micro-climate that keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

Control all the refrigerator settings with the electronic temperature display and touch controls that allow you to set the temperature in the refrigerator pantry, as well as select the food-types for the SmartFresh drawers, enable the acoustic door and temperature alarms, and the K1803Vi’s SuperCool function.

The SuperCool function allows the appliance to get cold as quickly as possible to a factory preset temperature, perfect for rapidly cooling drinks and large quantities of food. The refrigerator’s DynaCool technology uses an integrated blower to circulate the air within the appliance, creating a uniform environment of optimized temperature and humidity.

Miele-BrilliantLight-Halogen-FeatureTo ensure you never lose sight of any groceries that may slip into forgotten dark corners, BrilliantLight illumination uses a number of halogen lights placed strategically within the appliance walls to shine soft, pleasant light in every nook and cranny of the refrigerator.

Enjoy your sleek and smart refrigerator while also enjoying the added benefit of saving energy and money with your Miele Energy Star qualified refrigerator. Built to be side-by-side compatible with select Miele freezers, this integrated custom-panel refrigerator has just what it takes to be your new best friend in the kitchen.

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