An In-Depth Look at AGA’s Induction Ranges + How to Get FREE Induction Cookware


AGA has long since been a significant design icon, as memorable as Coca Cola’s contour bottle and VW’s Bug vehicle. AGA is even so beloved that they became a popular part of literature with a genre known as “AGA sagas”. Their cherished design and revered quality only grows more each day, as AGA continues to be a leader in the cooker industry by staying in touch with its rich heritage but also continuing to innovate with new cutting-edge technology.

This innovation manifests itself in the induction ranges introduced by the Mercury and Elise series. Both induction 48 inch ranges offer a full variety of powerful cooking abilities along with convenient features and easy to use controls. The Mercury and Elise series provides two distinct style choices for shoppers to choose from.

Mercury Series



The Mercury series is designed for contemporary perfection. Sleek and superior, the Mercury series is produced with only the highest quality components. The Hi-Fi style controls make controlling your induction range as smooth and fun as turning up the volume in a luxury car.


Elise Series



For those searching for more of an elegant and charming style, the Elise series was designed with traditional French sophistication in mind. The continental design is embellished with stylish control knobs and soft-brush trimming. In addition, both series come with a vibrant color selection of Glossy Black, Matte Black, White, Ivory, Scarlet, and Stainless Steel.

Induction Cooktop

The 48-inch induction ranges come with an extra-large ceramic glass cooktop with 5 induction elements; (3) 7” 1,850 – 3,000 watt elements, (1) 6” 1,400 – 2,200 watt element, and (1) 10” 2,300 – 3,700 watt element. With 9 instantly-responding power settings, and a control panel display showing which mode the active elements are in, this cooktop is a user-friendly powerhouse.

Oven Features

The 3 separate ovens have over 6 Cu Ft capacity combined, which reduces energy consumption while still providing plenty of oven space for your baking needs. In the top left cavity is the Glide Out Broiler System with two elements that allow the whole area of the pan to be heated or just the right half of the cavity. The adjustable and extendable racks help provide complete coverage for whatever you need.

The extra-large oven cavity on the bottom left is a multi-function oven with 2.8 Cu. Ft. capacity and 7 different modes: Defrost, Convection, Convection Broiling, Fan Assist Bake, Conventional, Browning, and Base Heat.  The extra-large true European convection oven in the right cavity also offers 2.8 Cu. Ft. capacity and promises faster and more-even cooking results. The black enamel interior of the ovens make for easy clean-up afterwards.

Free Induction Cookware



At the bottom of either your Mercury or Elise induction range is a storage drawer with a rubber mat to store and protect your cookware. Because induction ranges require specific induction cookware, which can be on the pricier side, AGA is giving away a FREE 7-piece set of Hot Dots Cookware priced at a $500 value with purchase of either the AGA induction ranges (AEL48IN, AMC48IN) or select AGA Dual Fuel ranges (AMC48DF, AEL48DF). Limited Time Offer.

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