A Brief Look at Viking's Virtuoso 6 Series Induction Cooktops

Viking's Virtuoso Cooktop

Although the professional style range may be Viking’s most popular kitchen appliance, Viking’s dynamic line of induction cooktops are not to be overlooked. Now, with the latest introduction of Viking’s Virtuoso series came the debut of a new generation of induction cooktops so efficient and refined that you won’t even consider a traditional range once you’ve experienced its superior performance.

The Viking Virtuoso 6 series induction cooktops are available in 30 and 36 inch sizes, and are equipped with MagneQuick Induction Elements which convert electricity into a magnetic field that transforms pots and pans into the heat source. Boasted as the most energy efficient form of surface cooking, these induction elements heat extremely quickly, respond instantly to temperature adjustments, and eliminate heat transfer loss.

The 30-inch induction cooktop uses four burner elements; (1) 7” 2200 W element, (2) 8” 3000 W elements, and (1) 9” 3700 W elements. The 36-inch Virtuoso cooktop has five burner elements; (2) 7” 2200 W elements, (2) 8” 3000 W elements, and (1) 11” 5500 W elements. These induction elements have power settings that range from 1 to 9 and utilize a Power Management System to provide a power boost. This power boost can be used on up to two elements at one time, which is perfect for boiling multiple pots of water at the same time.

Viking 30 Inch Virtuoso Cooktop.

The glass ceramic cooking surface stays cool throughout the cooking process, preventing burned-on spills and makes for easy clean-up. Digital touch controls provide a sleek sophisticated exterior that integrates beautifully in transitional and contemporary style kitchens and functions such as timers, key lock, and hot surface indicator lights make cooking a variety of different food types at the same time a breeze.

Superior in power, efficiency, and style, the Viking Virtuoso induction cooktops are available at Elite Appliance. For more information, feel free to contact us and speak with an appliance specialist to answer any questions you may have.

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