A Brief Look at Liebherr’s WS1200 Wine Storage Cabinet and XS200 Humidor


How wonderful the simple pleasure of pouring yourself a glass of wine after a trying day can be. The last thing you want is to have that simple pleasure turn sour due to faulty refrigeration. The same goes for a cigar connoisseur reaching to enjoy a premium cigar, only to find their collection ruined.

Lucky for you, Liebherr’s latest promotion allows you to take home a FREE wine storage cabinet or humidor with purchase of select models of Liebherr Refrigeration.



Liebherr Wine Storage Cabinet WS1200 Review

liebherr-promo-ws1200Enjoying wine is a timeless pleasure that embodies the full journey of your bottle of fine wine. Before you can experience the end of that journey, wine must be stored at optimum conditions to deliver undisturbed and fully matured flavors.

This 17” wine storage cabinet provides similar conditions of a wine cellar and can provide temperature control perfectly tailored to every need. Capable of holding 12 bottles, designed for horizontal storage on the 3 wooden storage shelves, this unit has an inclusive temperature zone ranging from 41 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. For easier convenience, there’s a storage drawer at the bottom of the unit as well as wall mounting capabilities.

The MagicEye display has easy electronic touch controls that set temperature, ventilation, Sabbath mode, lighting, signals, alarms, and the child lock. The audible door alarm sounds when the door has been left open for longer than 180 seconds, as well as if the interior temperature becomes too warm or cold.

To keep your wine stored at optimum conditions, the WS1200 also has a charcoal filter to keep air at ambient conditions. The specially developed compressors ensure that the unit is providing a low vibration environment to leave the maturation process of your wine undisturbed.



Liebherr Humidor XS200 Review

A cigar aficionado appreciates the entire experience that goes into smoking a premium cigar. As a natural and luxurious product, their storage and maturation require strict quality controls.

The Liebherr 17” humidor combines all the necessary technology with an innovating display-case design for optimum fine cigar storage. The compact and stainless steel exterior can be freestanding or wall mounted, with a glass door that allows you to view the interior and control display without having to open the door, which could allow impurities inside the humidor.

liebherr-humidor-XS200To defend the interior climate from poor air quality, a charcoal air filter and humidity system, including distilled water reservoir and circulating fans, aid in keeping the best storage solution for your cigars. The interior shelves (2 storage shelves and 2 presentation boxes) are made of natural Spanish Cedar Wood which ensure constant temperature and humidity because of their weathering qualities that absorb and evenly release moisture.

The MagicEye controls display digital temperature and humidity settings, and can separately control temperature (between 61 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit), humidity (between 68 and 75%), lighting, alarms, child lock, and Sabbath mode. The temperature and humidity settings are designed for optimum storage climates that allow the cigar’s flavors to unfold and burn evenly. If the interior’s climate settings begin to stray or the door has been left open too long, an alarm will sound to ensure the perfect microclimate is maintained.

For a complete enjoyment of your fine cigars, the XS200 keeps the many variables of storage conditions under control for you, so whenever you choose to enjoy a premium cigar from your collection, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.



Choose Your Free Unit at Elite Appliance

While undeniably a smart individual purchase, the chance to take home your free wine storage cabinet or humidor only lasts until March 31st when Liebherr’s promotion ends. Visit our Dallas showroom or contact us to speak with an appliance specialist today.