The Effect of Tariffs on Your Future Appliance Purchase (1 Min. Read)


Largest Manufacturer Price Increases In Years

The shopping frenzy has begun and it’s not just because of the holidays. Over the past few months, industries nationwide have been affected by rising manufacturing costs with the appliance industry taking a huge hit.

Now as the new year approaches, shoppers are scrambling to get their orders in before the latest price increase hits.


Viking Range: The Go-To Brand For Serious Cooks

The Viking 5 Series cooking and refrigeration package is a stunning suite that provides commercial-quality power and precision.

An Icon in High-End Cooking

Easily one of America’s most iconic brands – right up there with Coca-Cola and the Dallas Cowboys – Viking Range is at the top of the culinary appliances food chain. That’s because when it comes to being passionate about cooking, Viking not only has the distinction of being the first company to manufacture commercial style appliances for the residential market but also the perpetual ambition to constantly reengineer, improve and innovate.

Consumers that are serious about cooking and want a true professional performance invest in a Viking range, creating a world-wide community of enthusiastic home chefs who experience firsthand the joys of commercial-adapted cooking technology.


Miele W1 T1 Laundry Receives the Good Housekeeping Seal


W1/T1 Appliances Earn Good Housekeeping Seal

Miele strengthens its prestige of quality and reliability with the latest addition to products backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. After thorough review, the entire suite of Miele W1 washing machines and T1 dryers has earned the seal, bringing Miele to 100 products from various appliance categories having earned the seal.


Master Sous Vide Cooking with Miele’s Built-In Vacuum Drawer

A Push2Open mechanism provides a handleless design on the Miele vacuum drawer for a sleek profile.

Miele's First Ever Vacuum Drawer

Convert your residential kitchen into a culinary sanctuary fit for a professional with Miele’s newly introduced vacuum drawer. At 24-inches wide and featuring Miele’s distinguished PureLine design, the Miele vacuum drawer can be installed in seamless alignment with the combi-steam oven to provide an efficient working station for sous vide cooking.


ILVE PRO Series Ranges: Commercial Style Meets Italian-Made Quality

ILVE Introduces New Modern Line

Known for the phenomenal amount of hand-crafted quality put into each individual range, ILVE is a highly revered brand that chefs, designers and consumers love and appreciate. Now, ILVE is introducing a new line of ranges set to reinvigorate the industry of pro-style appliances.

The ILVE PRO Series ranges include all the favorite features offered in the Majestic Series but is outfitted with a new sleek design that integrates seamlessly with other pro-style appliances for a truly modern kitchen suite. Available at a competitive price point, these ranges feature the wildly popular style customers love without obliterating their budgetary needs.


Miele vs. KitchenAid: Comparing Premium European and American Made Dishwashers

European Made Dishwasher versus American Made Dishwasher

When comparing a Miele and KitchenAid dishwasher, variables to consider are the differences in capacity, food disposal systems, noise levels, features, design, etc. KitchenAid, as an American brand, designs dishwashers to accommodate American homes and lifestyles while Miele, a European company, engineers their dishwashers with a different philosophy.


Save on Appliances During the ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday


Energy Star Sales Tax Free Holiday

This Memorial Day weekend, you may already be participating in the numerous sales and promotions available, including Elite Appliance’s own Memorial Day Savings Event. For shoppers in Texas, the opportunity to save doesn’t just stop there though.

Starting at 12:01 AM the Saturday before Memorial Day and ending at 11:59 PM on Monday, Texas shoppers can purchase select energy-efficient appliances and are exempt from paying state sales and use tax!


KitchenAid Appliance Packages at Elite Appliance

Suites for the Kitchen Enthusiasts

KitchenAid boasts being the only appliance brand that makes things only for the kitchen, which gives them the expertise and dedication to continuously innovate and perfect their versatile line of premium kitchen appliances. Designed to meet the highest standards for both style and function, a KitchenAid appliance package possesses a perfect blend of convenience, flexibility, and precision that fuels your ambition and encourages creativity.

Whether you’re searching for the best deal on a full KitchenAid suite or just shopping for one or two promising appliances to help convert your residential kitchen into a central hub for your culinary passion, Elite Appliance is here to help you save!


Bertazzoni Heritage Series Ranges: Perfect for an Industrial Style Kitchen

Photo Credit: Rosewood Custom Builders - Houzz

Functional Charm and Design

The visual appeal that comes with an industrial style home stems from its humble origins of hard work and utilitarian function.

Full of raw materials and textures such as metal, wood, and stone, industrial style kitchens are reminiscent of turn of the 19th century factories featuring cavernous open spaces and large windows. Décor items will range from antique vintage pieces to salvaged objects but what better way is there to combine form and function than by including a beautiful kitchen range that possesses the best of both worlds.


Save on Miele Detergent and Fragrances with Purchase of W1 and T1 Appliances

Exclusive Miele Fabric Care Promotions

The development and release of Miele's highly anticipated W1 washers and T1 dryers is truly an exciting announcement for consumers, designers, and industry professionals alike.

The innovative technology and features utilized by these new Miele appliances revolutionize the way we approach laundry and fabric care and the sophisticated machines are only a part of the equation. Another part of this progressive new laundry process is the fabric care accessories integrated into the wash and dry programs.

For a limited time, instantly save on these Miele fabric care accessories with your purchase of eligible W1T1 laundry appliances!